1 Peter 2:19-25 June 1, 2020

Pastor Bruce Hedgepeth

1 Peter 2:19-25 Suffer 

Writer returns over and over to the word suffer. Main idea is that Jesus submitted to the Father and  suffered for us when unjustly judged, beaten, abused, and crucified. 

From his example, we are following him when we suffer for doing what is right and that honors God; it pleases our heavenly Father.

We are doing what Jesus did when we don't fight back against unjust judgement or actions, but entrust the outcome of our suffering to the Lord. 

The part of the passage that grabs me the most is the last few verses that speak plainly about what the result was for us of Jesus' suffering-the atonement.

Writer states that he bore our sins in his body on the cross-so that we could be free from the burden of sin and love for righteousness. It was his wounds, his suffering, that healed us.

This passage echoes for me the "Suffering servant" passages in Isaiah, like chapter 53.

Lord, I'm not sure that I truly know what suffering is, but we've gotten a glimpse of it in recent weeks. Find me faithful and use even these difficult times for your glory and your good purpose. Help me, help us, to follow Jesus.


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